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Honorable Timothy T. Kay

Municipal Judge

Serving as Lake Country Municipal Court's judge since 2012, having previously served as a Municipal Prosecutor for the Villages of Nashotah and Oconomowoc Lake and Town of Oconomowoc. He has been elected for three terms and is going onto his fourth term as of 2024.

Court History

Lake Country Municipal Court is currently the largest joint municipal court in the state of Wisconsin consisting of 20 different Municipalities. The court was formed in 1988 when it was separated from the circuit court system. Processing citations through the municipal is efficient, cost effective, and the citation amounts are less compared to the circuit court system, thereby benefitting the citizens who appear.

Lake Country Municipal Court Guidelines

Court Procedure

When the Defendant's name is called, please advance promptly to a position in front of the bench behind the podium. The Defendant will then be informed of the charges and consequences of your plea; i.e. traffic demerit points, minimum and maximum forfeitures, etc. Defendant's pleading Guilty or No Contest will remain. The Prosecutor will then advise the Judge of the facts of the violation. The Defendant then may make a brief statement and the judge will be advised of their past record, if any. Depending on the Defendants cooperation, the seriousness of the present charge, and any past record, the Judge will make his judgment accordingly. Those pleading Not Guilty will be given a pretrial date with the prosecutor and then a trial date before the judge if not resolved prior.


If the Defendant fails to pay their forfeiture and does not appear at the time of the hearing, consequences will occur. If the Defendant are under the age of 17, the Court can and shall suspend your driver's license for up to one year. If the Defendant is over the age of 17, the Court can impose a one-year suspension, refer the case to the SDC (State Debt Collection), or can issue a Writ of Commitment/Warrant for your arrest. If because of poverty as defined in §814.29(1)(d) (receiving means-tested assistance of limited/no income) or unexpected circumstances, the Defendant is either unable to pay their forfeiture or keep up with an installment plan by their due date, they must notify the Court in writing.


The Municipal Court has jurisdiction of persons who are at least 12 years of age and less than 17 years of age charged with non-traffic ordinance violations. Juveniles have the same rights as adults with respect to pleas. They have a right to a private (closed) hearing. A money judgement may be entered against a juvenile that is found Guilty of a non-traffic ordinance violation. If the offense is alcohol or drug related, the driver's license of the defendant may be suspended.

Court Conduct

This is a court of law and the rules of proper decorum and evidence will be followed. Please remain quiet while court is in session and give others the courtesy to be heard and present their case. Smoking is prohibited in the courtroom and the building. No gum chewing is allowed and the Court requests all hats to be removed. Persons who fail to conduct themselves in an orderly manner may be be cited for contempt.


If you wish to find Judge Kay for weddings please contact him on his website.

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